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Author: realrussianbride Subject: advice and guidance for a possible meeting with a lady

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Registered: 04-19-2016

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advice and guidance for a possible meeting with a lady

Here are some tips about how to conduct a search on a dating website:

Preparing your profile for a dating site -

Preparing a profile for a dating site is one of the crucial moments for a successful acquaintance.

The first impression from a newly met person is the strongest and the longest lasting.

Women differ from men by the higher degree of attention to small details. They will scrupulously check your pictures, thoroughly read the text on your profile, they may discuss it with their friends and fantasize about the information you didn’t tell.

Your appearance, clothes and shoes will be inspected. So what you need in the first place is to create the right image on your profile in order to make a great first impression.

The profile is your instrument for ‘selling’ yourself and your strong points to your future lady. In fact, it is the display window for your ‘goods’. Well-chosen photographs should demonstrate your good looks, being accurately dressed as well as express specific traits of your character and tell about your way of living.

It is considered inappropriate to speak about your financial status, so your photographs need to casually demonstrate your car, your house, your travels and should hint at the level of comfort and wealth you enjoy in life and can provide for your future bride.

Remember, your profile and photographs are not there for you, but for the ladies who will see them.

Demonstrate your originality and sense of humor to the lady later at a more advanced stage of your relationship. As the acquaintance is budding, too much originality may scare the lady away.

What you write in your profile should be short and concise. Nobody is interested in reading about the results of your last fishing trip. Nobody will spend their time reading two pages that contain the description of your demands to the future bride.

Be clear, state what you are looking for, and describe your way of life. Women like emotional warmth in a man. Describe your intellectual qualities. Don’t be too shy and don’t boast too much. Don’t tell about your weak points. A woman will discover them later herself in the relationship.

It is important to briefly state in your profile your chief demands to a future bride or a girlfriend. This will help to filter out the ladies who don’t suit you from the start.

Reading your profile, a woman is trying to intuitively understand what she is going to get from you in the relationship. That’s why it is important to say in a few words what you are ready to provide for a woman - readiness to support her, to become a husband, to love her, to raise a child with her, etc.

As a result, after viewing your profile, a lady should be left with an impression of a successful, reliable, honest and sincere man. Such man definitely deserves to become her groom and later a husband.

Searching for and finding suitable profiles -

before you start searching for a lady on a dating site, ask yourself – who do you want to find?

Make up your mind about the woman’s age, appearance and character traits. Decide on her location: should she be the resident of a big city or a small town? Her place of residence may influence on whether it is convenient to meet her, for it is easier to get to a big city. On the other hand, it may affect her desire to relocate to your country.

Important: don’t overestimate yourself before applying to the girl. Evaluate your chances for a successful acquaintance and for your ability to keep the marriage after moving to your country.

Next important remark: don’t try to build a relationship with a girl who is 15 or more years younger than you. Be realistic.

If you are an ordinary man who is not rich, don’t try to start a relationship with a young Russian girl who is looking like a model. If she replies to you, it could be a scam.

While on a dating site, look for pretty ladies with ordinary photographs. Another mistake is trying to start a relationship with a girl with a profile full of pictures snapped in expensive exotic locations. Ask yourself: who paid for these trips and who took the pictures?

Read carefully what is written in her profile. Did she make special efforts to tell about herself?

What is written there? How many children does she have? How does she describe herself?

The lady with a huge self-esteem will cause you many troubles. Check the graph with her interests - what are they? Whom does she search for?

Don’t try to get acquainted with a girl with a lot of erotic pictures in the profile. This means that deep down she thinks we, men, are horny animals, and tries to affect us through sex appeal.

Try to approach only the ladies who mention ‘long-term relationships’ or ‘marriage’ as their acquaintance goals. If a woman isn’t ready to get married, you need not waste your time trying to convince her, you just lose your time and efforts.
by Michael Shmilovich
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